Misrepresentation… Google found some issues that impact your product visibility

This is the most likely error you’re currently seeing in your Google Merchant Center account. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This issue is experienced by 17% of our customers.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide any information about why Google Merchant Center accounts are suspended. So we know how difficult it can sometimes be to resolve this issue.

Repeatedly submitting your site for moderation without addressing the underlying causes of the suspensions is a grave error. Additionally, creating a new Google Merchant Center account using the same contact information and for the same site will only exacerbate the issue.

Here’s a list of the most typical reasons for Google Merchant Center account suspensions, based on our experience

Next, we’ll explore potential solutions

Change settings yourself

You can certainly review all the recommendations on the Internet and the official Google Merchant Center Help page, and then check your website and Google Merchant Center settings yourself. While this approach is straightforward, it also presents a higher risk of errors. Our experience has shown that customers who attempt to resolve issues independently often encounter repeated account suspensions.

Audit your website and account

If you are planning to set up a Google Ads campaign, you can contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will perform a detailed audit of your site and Google Merchant Center settings.

Launch an advertising campaign on Facebook

Start advertising your product swiftly with our assistance in launching an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Our experience has shown that passing moderation is significantly easier on these platforms, allowing for a quicker launch of your advertising campaign. Once your advertising campaigns are up and running on Facebook and Instagram, we can shift our focus to resolving any outstanding issues with your Google Merchant Center account. This will ensure that your products are visible to shoppers across multiple platforms, maximizing your reach and sales potential.

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Antonina and Turboweb for setting up Google and Facebook ads. We were able to get good results - we are satisfied.Antonina showed herself as a highly qualified specialist, always provided answers to questions and was on call.Thank you for your cooperation, we plan to contact you again!
Romanova RoomRomanova Room
10:35 16 Jan 24
Congratulations. We are very satisfied with the work and cooperation with Turboweb. Advertising is working, sales have increased. Thank you
13:28 14 Jan 24
A professional team, constantly in touch, promptly answered all questions, gave advice, gave recommendations for further management of the advertising company independently. I recommend for cooperation.
Professional work, very fast completion of assigned tasks. We set up advertising in social networks for the site. The result exceeded our expectations)
They did nothing for 6 months, they just tell fairy tales, they don’t want to waste the money, although they took it for the result, in general my assessment is negative, but see for yourself
Bogdan RadkoBogdan Radko
14:36 08 Jan 24
Greetings, we have ordered the service of unlocking and setting up advertising cabinets for Google Ads, Google Merchant. They tried to do it on their own at first, but due to insufficient experience they could not pass the moderation, after which they turned to the company Turboweb. From the very beginning, Eric Aust, the specialist assigned to our project, helped with all questions, consulted, and gave advice. Quickly found and pointed out problematic points on the site and how to fix them, even points that are not obvious at first glance. He did everything professionally and quickly, the communication was excellent, they answered the requests quickly and in full. Advertising is currently learning, but already works very effectively and gives good results. If you want to start advertising on Google, then I advise you to contact the guys immediately, so as not to waste time on solving problems on your own, everything will be done professionally and qualitatively.
I recommend it, the advertising is set up quickly and effectively. From the first days of setting up advertising, there were already orders. Managers are constantly in touch. They did a very professional job. Thank you for your work. ❤️
Do you want to MONEY 830 Euro — Turboweb will help you!!!Getting to know the company! The manager tells them how great they are, sends them to read their cases about "successful success", they are familiar with my niche, they work with it, I think everything will be fine! I pay 830 euros for services (setting up dynamic advertising on Facebook and Instagram). And the interesting part begins, as I found out later, they do not communicate over the phone, they have such a policy. That is, your target specialist sends you a message template in which it is indicated that Google advertising will be set up for me. As the manager later said, he "stuck" with no one.Next comes the settings. That I was set to 830 euros. I used their plugin to upload a product feed, created 6 audiences and started advertising, because I already had everything else set up. These settings cost me 830 EURAfter 2 days, they start advertising, 3 days pass, leads start coming in, we start calling and hear: "I didn't order anything." I'm writing to a target expert, he says it's possible competitors, we have to wait, it's too early to draw conclusions. A week passes, a second, no one writes to you - complete silence))), the budget merges. I'm writing to the target expert on Friday, what's next? I am waiting for an answer and finally on Sunday I received an answer. That the dynamics are positive)))), the share of advertising costs is 30%, I say, and nothing that is watered by "leftist" leads. Literally a targetologist: "Knowing your margin, you can understand whether advertising is profitable or not." Officially, they opened the ad in 2 weeks and only now I am being asked about the margin. Literally, the targetologist: "On account of cases on the website, cases are not always made after the first month of work." That is, on the website there are "fairy tales" about 1 month of work and results, because it is not specified which month of work it is, the first or sixth, or maybe the tenth. There it is simply beautifully written 1-month)))). I am writing to him that now it is the season for goods to be sold. I run the ad myself through the button to promote for $5 and there is a result of 1 order, but sometimes 2-4. The answer of the targetologist. This is another advertisement, it works differently. And now the most interesting!!! Literally TARGETOLOGIST: “If the Instagram button works so well, why not just put more dollars and get even more orders and EXPERIMENT!!! After these words, I simply went into a stupor!)). I paid 830 euros because I thought I had found specialists who could give results, and I received advice on increasing the budget on Instagram.And the most interesting thing is that 10 days before the end of the cooperation, I am removing the target expert from the advertising office, I am waiting for the reaction, but there is no reaction - you have been completely beaten!!! Miraculously, on the day of completion, they answer you and send you a "TEMPLATE" again, which says that everything is fine with you, the ad works and brings results. But how can you get information without access to the advertising office - maybe from space!!!P.S. The advertisement worked for 2 months, but during this period it did not even reach 0. If you want to transfer UAH 39,000 - contact Turboweb, they will help you.
Ivan PodiloIvan Podilo
09:30 06 Dec 23
Congratulations. We spent a long time choosing a company that would be able to set up an advertising campaign for our online store for an adequate estimate. We analyzed many offers and decided to stop at Turboweb. First of all, because the company configures it once and then everything works like a Swiss watch - clearly, qualitatively, and I don't need to change or "finish" anything. Secondly, it is almost 24/7 support when questions arise. Very satisfied with the performer Eric: clear answers, no "frost", like you don't need it, it will come later. Always in touch, always answers questions in detail, no "water". Regarding sales on the site: sales really increased and it became noticeable even during the training of the advertising campaign. Orders grew by almost 200% in the first 2 months of advertising. I can confidently say that we did not make a mistake with the choice of the company for advertising. I advise you to cooperate. Thank you very much to Turboweb and I wish you all the best. Peaceful heaven to all.
Igor PetrichenkoIgor Petrichenko
14:23 13 Nov 23
Google Merchant is a great customization company, I didn't even think that I would be able to recoup the money invested in customization very quickly (because I thought they were charging too much).
Варя TVВаря TV
17:34 06 Nov 23
Evelina Darnostup worked with me, she did everything clearly, quickly, competently! I have detailed answers to all questions and know how to continue working independently! I am very satisfied with the work, thank you very much
Good day! I want to share my impressions about the work of Turboweb and its manager Anastasia. I turned to them for advertising settings, and got good results.Anastasia explained to me in detail all aspects of the advertising process and provided useful advice on improving the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. She conducted an analysis and pointed out the mistakes that were made earlier, helped to correct them. The result was not delayed, the campaign works and brings certain results, I got more clients and increased my income.I was satisfied with the work of the turboweb company and manager Anastasia, and I recommend their services to everyone who is looking for an effective solution for their business.Thank you for your professionalism and quality work!
Алена ФидряАлена Фидря
06:21 03 Nov 23
This is not the first year I have been working with the company!Very, very satisfied with everything!I always get answers to all my questions! The guys quickly take on projects! And always a positive result! If anyone still doubts working with turboWeb, feel free to get started) I have never met the best in their business!Many thanks to Antonina for the work done with our company! Everything works 🚀 Guys, prosperity to you!!!! And see you again)))
Андрюха ГуфАндрюха Гуф
20:39 16 Oct 23
I was a client of the Turboweb company and applied for the service of setting up google shopping ads. But I would like to thank the company, and especially the specialist Ruslan, who was appointed as a technical specialist, Ruslan recommended him as a professional in his field (because there were some difficulties with Google during the advertising setup period), but thanks to Ruslan's skills and knowledge, my online store got a good result.In general, I thank the company and Ruslan for this work result that my online store received.
Vladislav LopukhaVladislav Lopukha
12:30 16 Oct 23
Worked with Evelina on Google shopping. I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you!
Thanks to Anastasia for the setup) the store came to life after 2 years of inactivity, although I did not believe in it at the beginning..
We set up advertising quickly and efficiently. Manager Ruslan is always in touch, promptly answered our questions and gave valuable advice. I recommend!
I want to give a huge thanks to Nikita from TurboWeb for his fantastic work on setting up Google Ads!👍 Nikita didn't just do his job, he put his heart into it.From the beginning of cooperation with Nikita, it became clear to me that the owner is a professional in his field. He was always ready to listen to my ideas and take them into account in his work, carefully analyzed the data and adjusted the strategy in time to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the advertising campaign.I am sincerely satisfied with the cooperation and, of course, I recommend Nikita to everyone who is looking for not just a specialist, but a real pro! Nikita, you are a real wizard in advertising settings!🥳 Thank you for your work!
Alesia TkachovaAlesia Tkachova
13:46 02 Oct 23
A pleasant aftertaste from working with Nikita and Ruslan TurboWeb. Colleagues have been very good at promoting our house casual clothing site. They explained the issues, helped to make a better decision and added their recommendations for improving the results. Very satisfied with the results and cooperation
Many thanks to the TurboWeb team, special thanks to manager Nikita for his professionalism and high level of customer service.
13:37 29 Sep 23
The HVOYA company has had a pleasant experience of cooperation with Turboweb employees for 3 years. During this time, we received high-quality and productive support from management and specialists. Thank you very much. We hope for new joint projects.
In business, periods are divided into "before Turboweb" and "after Turboweb". Not cheap, but definitely worth it.
This review is more for those people who had a previous bitter experience with setting up ads. Turboweb was the last hope for me, as I no longer knew what to do with the online store. First of all, I was impressed by the team, a preliminary conversation was held with me, the sincerity and truthfulness of the words was immediately felt.My manager was Antonina, I am grateful to her for her understanding and patience. Antonina always answered questions, the answers were detailed and clear. I always felt her support and the result of her work. There is a desire to continue working with the company. Yes, as we have known each other for only a month). I recommend the advertising company Turboweb.
This is not the first time we have turned to TurboWeb. Everything is fine, fast, professional. As always!Special thanks to Ruslan. Prompt response to all questions, accessible and detailed explanations and solutions to problems.Thanks for the work!
Dmitry KonovalovDmitry Konovalov
12:48 14 Sep 23
Our manager was Ruslan. We noticed an increase in the income of the company and managers already after the first month of cooperation. In addition, we received advice on optimizing the user interface, namely placing an order in the basket, which turned out to be quite accurate and were successfully integrated. Our manager Ruslan was in touch even outside working hours, which was quite valuable for us. Thank you Turboweb for the productive and pleasant cooperation!
Michael IvanovMichael Ivanov
14:01 13 Sep 23
Thanks for the setup, detailed instructions and support!
Володимир К.Володимир К.
12:45 12 Sep 23
Worked remotely as a customer support specialist and advertising adjuster. Impression:1. A wonderful team both in a professional sense and from the point of view of human qualities (for me personally). The company has a clear vision of the "portrait" of the employee, both in terms of the competencies required for this or that position, and in terms of personal qualities. The second is given no less attention than the first, which is why, in my opinion, there is such a close-knit, responsive team, in which it is a pleasure to work2. I will say separately about the managers - they are attentive to people, ideas, initiatives, honest and grateful, with whom the team really has a wonderful relationship. Clear setting of tasks, clear and achievable goals, there is also no such thing as giving you tasks that are not in your area of ​​responsibility or encouraging you to work in the evenings or on weekends.A horizontal form of management instead of a bureaucratic vertical, while everyone knows who is responsible for what and behaves with understanding, without addressing to managers what other colleagues are responsible for. In everyday work and non-work communication, there is no sharp distinction between the team and the management, the management and subordinates are really one, it is one friendly team. At the same time, there is healthy subordination, as it should be, but it is completely organic here3. Fair and transparent remuneration conditions, motivation and overall transparency in the company4. Treating the employee not as a resource from which to squeeze the maximum) there is mutual respect and a mutual exchange of the value that you bring to the company, and it to you. With the leadership that I described, it is not surprising that such an attitude and ideology are valuable to me5. A modern, dynamic company that is constantly developing in its direction and contributes to the development of the team6. A well-organized process of training new employees and adaptation7. Obtaining valuable knowledge and experience8. The positions in which I worked had a fairly large area for independent decisions9. There are pleasant surprises, gifts for various occasions, care for employees where possible10. One of the leaders in his niche in Ukraine11. Services that are really beneficial for Ukrainian business, because Turboweb directly helps to increase the profit of many online stores that have applied for advertising settings. As a result, many grateful customers, such a stream of reviews in b2b, which are left exclusively by real customers, without additional bonuses, I have not even seen before Turboweb12. Ukrainian company without connections with Russians🙂I wish Turboweb new achievements, always prosperity, always cool people in the team like now🙂
I liked working with your managers, they always promptly answered all questions and solved the problems that arose👍
High-quality basic advertising setup
08:23 31 Aug 23
Professional approach with a guaranteed result. Worked with Antonin's manager. Everything is accessible and understandable. I recommend!
Good day dear! As a person who is far from marketing technologies, although I have knowledge about it, I signed a contract with the Turboweb company to promote an online store and run an advertising company in Google. I was assigned to accompany the employee Evelina, who spent a long and boring time correcting errors on the website. The result of the work pleased everyone, because in the first month, with expenses for the advertising company in the amount of UAH 9,965, sales increased by UAH 520,000. Therefore, I recommend such a business partner to everyone.
I am very grateful to the turboweb team and personally to Ruslan for the excellent work. The work on the transition from the old analytics to the new GA4 was completed with high quality and on time!
Turboweb and Anastasia in particular deserve the highest praise for their excellent work! They showed professionalism, efficiency and responsibility in the implementation of the project. The cooperation was pleasant and carefree due to their attention to detail and prompt resolution of emerging issues. I am very pleased with the result and recommend Turboweb to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner in the field of Internet marketing!
This is not the first time I work with Turboweb and in the future I will develop my online store only with them. The guys are professionals and experts in their field. This time I was lucky to work with Anastasia. All assigned tasks were completed. Each stage of the work done was described in messengers and recommendations were given. BUT! I want to make one point. 4 months after the work done, Anastasia is in touch, answers the questions posed and, if necessary, makes adjustments to the advertising campaign. Thanks for such a professional approach.
13:05 06 Jul 23
I want to express my gratitude to Tonya for setting up Google Analytics 4. The work was completed on time, Tonya was in touch and promptly answered questions, didn’t load too much, in fact everything went without my participation. Our online store has been contacting Turboweb for the second time, the first time they set up Google advertising for us. According to her, the results are excellent, the second year everything works like clockwork, even despite the forced break of several months due to events in the country. I can safely recommend this company to everyone who doubts and is in search, at one time I trusted positive reviews, and I was not mistaken.
I definitely recommend the company for cooperation! Many thanks to Anastasia for setting up Google Ads advertising and tips on questions that I have from time to time! Everything is always resolved promptly and at the highest level. Thanks to her advertising setup, during the peak season, we did not have enough time to process and collect orders.Many thanks to Antonina for setting up GA4 and a detailed explanation on how to build reports!!!After cooperation with Turboweb, orders have increased many times. Thank you very much!
Alex Kodi USAAlex Kodi USA
09:31 19 Jun 23
Thank you Anastasia for the professionally configured campaigns in Facebook and Instagram. Great results 👍💐

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Thank you very much for your thorough work. I would definitely come back to you again.

Extremely helpful and kind. Quick and cares about helping. I’ve been suspended on GMC for a while and this really helped I’m currently working on the feedback I was given by Turbo_web and they stick around after delivery to help more.
United States

I’m very happy with the way you explained the problem and the solution.
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Experience have been great with Turboweb they have made my campaign profitable.
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The quality of the work is top notch, all wishes were taken into account and fulfilled. Team of professionals.

Great team. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend. I will work with them again

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